My name is Kenya Adams and I am the inventor of the PantyBuddy. I am so excited to introduce you to my idea that was born out of pure necessity.  I don't typically consider myself to be a germaphobe, but whenever I use a public restroom I become completely obsessed with avoiding germs. I do not want to make any contact with the toilet or anything else in there. I want to get in and get out as safely as possible, but I often find that I am struggling to do so. Between holding the crotch of my panties and pants, reaching for the toilet tissue, and trying to keep the flow going directly into the toilet, it's like a real tightrope balancing act once that stall door closes.

Over the years, I have often wished I had an extra hand to help me in the restroom. After a few months of unsuccessfully searching for a solution, I decided to create the solution! And that's how the idea of PantyBuddy was born! The more and more I talked to women about it, the more I realized that I'm not the only one who would love to have better control over all that's happening behind closed doors in a public restroom. So, I've taken my bright idea and turned it into a business! 

I embarked on my entrepreneurial journey during the pandemic and used the quarantine period to focus on getting my product manufactured to bring to market.  PantyBuddy launched in 2021 and is here to change the way women use public restrooms forever!